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Individuals who are not permanent citizens of the United States may be deported to their country of origin if they do not follow proper protocol or are charged with a crime. If you are facing deportation and need a Massachusetts immigration lawyer who is familiar with the latest and most effective legal strategies, The Law Offices of Jamie H. Gorton can help.

We have helped numerous individuals fight their deportation charges and remain in the United States. Our firm can assist and represent you throughout the entire deportation process. We will aggressively defend your rights.

Causes of Deportation

The most common grounds for deportation involve criminal activity or immigration violations. Depending on the severity of your case, deportation may seem like an extreme penalty. We understand what you may be leaving behind if you are deported. Family, friends, a job, a home, and a bright future in the United States.

There are various alternatives to deportation including asylum, withholding of removal, cancellation of removal, and voluntary departure. Allow our team to fight for a favorable case outcome on your behalf. We will devote our time and energy to your case.

We Can Protect Your Rights

Do not accept deportation—fight back with our assistance. You deserve to have a happy, successful life in the United States, so even if you have violated your immigration status or have committed a crime, do not give up. Our Malden immigration lawyer serves individuals and families throughout the state of Massachusetts.

To schedule a case evaluation, please contact our Malden immigration firm at (978) 539-7008today. We look forward to helping protect your rights and safeguard your future.