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Do you want to become a permanent U.S. citizen?

If you wish to become a permanent United States citizen, you must legally obtain a green card. A green card, which is often referred to as a permanent alien registration card, grants an individual specific benefits such as the ability to work and reside in the United States. Applying for a green card can be complicated, so it is vital you hire a Malden immigration attorney to assist you throughout your green card application process. At The Law Offices of Jamie H. Gorton, our immigration lawyer has insight to the latest legal strategies and can help you or your loved one during the green card process.

What a Green Card Can Do

When you initially receive your green card, it gives you a resident status on a conditional basis for two years. After said two years, you are then eligible to obtain a permanent residence visa that expires every ten years. Green cards can be renewed for as long as necessary as long as you do not commit any crimes, violate your immigration status, and remain in overall good standing with the government.

As a green card holder, you rights include:

  • The ability to live permanently in the United States as long as you remain in good standing
  • The ability to work in the United States
  • The ability to be prosecuted by all laws of the United States, the state in which you reside, and all local jurisdictions

Once you obtain your green card, you must ensure you renew it correctly every ten years in order to legally reside in the United States.

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Becoming a permanent resident of the United States may sound simple, but the process is anything but. To ensure you are granted a green card, hire our Malden immigration lawyer. Our team can assist in filling out forms, sending said paperwork to the correct agencies, and helping you renew your green card, when necessary. We can assist individuals throughout Massachusetts.

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